About Us

Greetings in the name of Christ & Welcome to OPC!

We believe that in this church, you will find deep hospitality, opportunities for growth, a call to serve, and a sense of belonging. All are welcome in this place and we’d love for you to come see for yourself. 

If you can’t find what you are seeking on our website, contact the church office and we will be in touch.

About us

Following Christ’s command to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39), we strive to be a welcoming, caring, inclusive, community of faith, committed to joyfully sharing God’s grace together through worship, education, fellowship, and service. Here, everyone is known and loved for who they uniquely are. Here, questions are welcomed and embraced as we explore our faith together. Here, we humbly follow Christ’s call to partner with others in serving our community.

Core Values

  • Love: In all things, with Christ’s lead, we strive to love God with our whole selves, and love each other and our neighbors as we love ourselves.
  • Grace: We revel in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, which compels us to gratefully share this good news through our words and actions.
  • Inclusion: Just as Christ lived, we seek to embrace all people and to invite and to welcome all individuals into our church life.
  • Creative Expression: We believe music, art, and other forms of creative expression are ways we can celebrate God’s grace and excite our love of God.
  • Service: We seek to work alongside our neighbors to meet community needs near and far as we build transformative relationships.


OPC is proud to support a number of ministries within, as well as beyond of our church.


Deacons: Our elected board of deacons extend pastoral care to the congregation through prayer, meals, cards, rides, home communion, and special worship services.

Work Days: Opportunities to help keep our church ground safe and beautiful. Feature a number of different skill level opportunities.

Oglethorpe Presbyterian Preschool & Kindergarten: We are grateful for a long history with our amazing preschool and are eager to support them in a number of ways. Visit their page for more information. (Visit the OPP&K website to learn more)


OPC is proud to provide prayer, resources, and volunteer opportunities with a number of amazing ministries in the metro Atlanta area. 


A few of them include:

  • Suthers Center for Christian Outreach
  • Mercy Community Church
  • American Red Cross
  • Atlanta Ministry with International Students


OPC values the opportunity the church offers to grow deeper in faith as we grow closer in our relationships with one another. Through Sunday morning programing, and other opportunities that arise, we hope to create a safe space where our faith can be challenged, energized, and deepened.

Pre-K through 2nd

  • Teacher: Gabby Paterson
  • Location: Raccoon/Owls Classroom (102)

Our youngest children will be using Spark Lectionary curriculum as they gather to play, pray, and engage with Bible stories in a new way.

3rd through 6th

  • Teachers: Donna Poseidon
  • Location: Tigers Classroom (206)

Elementary children will be using Spark Lectionary to dig deep into Bible stories together. Lessons will often mirror the scripture that will be used in worship.


  • Location: Library

Adults will be exploring the lectionary preaching text each Sunday through the Feasting on the Word curriculum. This class is team taught and is always full of lively and insightful conversation