Room Rental

We are pleased to be able to offer our space for your needs, whether you are an individual or whether you represent a community group, business, or film crew. These are our standard rates for space usage. Please know we are willing to work with you to find the rate that works best. We are also willing to discuss longer term rental needs if needed. Contact the church office with any questions.


Community Hourly Community Daily Corporate/Film Hourly Corporate/Film Daily
Sanctuary  $75.00  $150.00  $150.00  $600.00
Chapel  $50.00  $100.00  $100.00  $400.00
Fellowship Hall  $50.00  $100.00  $125.00  $500.00
Kitchen  $25.00  $50.00  $50.00  $200.00
Meeting Rooms  $25.00  $50.00  $50.00  $200.00