Upcoming Worship Services

Staycation Bible School – Discussion Sermons
Our feet will be following Jesus in the month of July as we join in an intergenerational in-home vacation Bible school! During our Sunday morning worship services, everyone will be invited to join a zoom call during the sermon, as together we explore where God is calling us to travel and serve in these times. The link to join the discussion will be posted during the worship service.

July 12:
Jesus Calls the Disciples
Matthew 4:18-22

July 19:
Jesus Travels on a Boat
Matthew 14:22-33

July 26
Jesus Prays
Matthew 13:1-3, Mark 5:30-32, Luke 11:1-4

August 2:
Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet
John 13:1-15, 31-35

August 9:
Jesus Sends the Disciples Out
Matthew 28:15-20