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Lent Series 2020: Lent in Plain Sight
God works through the ordinary. Ordinary people, everyday objects, things we bump up against moment by moment…Do we have the eyes to see God’s near presence? Do we have ears to hear the word of the Lord spoken in a multitude of ways and languages? Will we open ourselves to the holy not only in heaven but also on earth and right in front of us? Can everyday objects remind us to stay awake and pay attention?
–Jill Duffield, Lent in Plain Sight
This Lent, we will be paying attention to the objects, people, places, and ordinary situations before us as we seek to follow God’s desire for us and our community. We’ll explore this through music, art, and worship, as well as through small groups open for all to join. Let us look for what is in plain sight!

February 26: Ash Wednesday
Genesis 2:4b-7, Psalm 119:25-32

March 1: First Sunday in Lent
Matthew 6:7-15

March 8: Second Sunday in Lent
Mark 8:31-38

March 15: Third Sunday in Lent
Mark 12:13-17

March 22: Fourth Sunday in Lent
Exodus 3:1-6

March 29: Fifth Sunday in Lent
Psalm 23

April 5: Palm/Passion Sunday
Luke 19:29-40

April 9: Maundy Thursday
John 13:1-15

April 10: Good Friday
John 19:1-11

April 12: Easter Sunday
Luke 24:1-12