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Vacation Bible School: Who is My Neighbor?

God created us to be in relationship with one another. This is an invitation to be active in loving, peacemaking, and prayer with our neighbors. As a community, let us explore what it means to reach out to our neighbors with the love of Christ.
Every Sunday in July will offer an opportunity for our children to engage more deeply with adults around the Scripture story before they travel to their own space for games, crafts, and more in-depth discussion. Adults will share together in dialogue sermons around each text during the time of worship.

July 7
4th Sunday after Pentecost
Mark 12:28-34
Love God and your neighbor
Mike Watson Preaching
Jesus speaks of the importance of loving God and neighbor. Discover Jesus’ instructions for us.

July 14
5th Sunday after Pentecost
Genesis 26:12-33
Live Peacefully
Mike Watson Preaching
Isaac’s neighbors become jealous of his prosperity; Isaac moves to a new location so he will not be in conflict with his neighbors. The king recognizes that God is with Isaac. Discover how to live peaceably with our neighbors.

July 21
6th Sunday after Pentecost
Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-37
Share with Others
Mike Watson Preaching
The early church worships and prays together. They eat together and share material goods with those who need help, making sure everyone’s needs are met.

July 28
7th Sunday after Pentecost
Psalm 149:1-5, Luke 15:8-10
Sing to the Lord a New Song
Mike Watson Preaching
Having neighbors is worthy of celebration. We can celebrate our joys and sorrows with one another.