December 4

December 4


Psalm  147 : 16  “He sends the snow in all it lovely whiteness, and scatters the first frost upon the ground.”


One of my favorite Christmas memories is of spending the holiday out in Colorado with my sister and brother-in-law who were expecting their first child – a son. My sister had experienced two previous miscarriages and this pregnancy was going well. She was expected to deliver the week after Christmas. A Christmas baby – a son – a miracle for our family!


They lived in a very small town and their home was halfway up a mountain. The time I was there, it snowed all day, almost every day of my trip. Their cozy home had floor to ceiling windows in many rooms and I marveled at the beauty of the snow on the ground and the ice twinkling from the tree branches. Friends, whose cars couldn’t get up the mountain, came to visit on horses with bells attached – the most beautiful rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ I’ve ever heard!  It was so very quiet and peaceful and we were waiting on a special son to be born! It was one of the times I have felt closest to God – feeling at peace and experiencing the calm beauty of the white snow in the quiet while awaiting the arrival of a baby boy who was a miracle in our eyes. Of course, my nephew’s birth was nothing compared to the birth of Jesus really, but for us his birth was a miracle.


During this busy time of Advent when there are presents to be purchased, decorations to be hung, parties to attend and so much commercialism to get caught up in, my hope and prayer is that we will take the time to be quiet and still and marvel at the miracle of Jesus’ birth.


*Dear Father,

Please help us in the frenzy of the holiday season to find the peace of Advent. Give us the patience to wait and the awareness that Your love is with us always, only waiting to be seen. Amen. *
— Kelly Bouska