Created from questions submitted by the OPC congregation, “Questions” is a series for the curious, and the seeking, and those who desire to grow in their discipleship to Jesus Christ.

We will get answers, we will wonder, and we will learn to ask better questions together, so that we can connect, grow, serve, and belong.

September 3
Loving Enemies and Polarizing People
“How do we love our enemies?”
“How do we interact with those who are so polarized (& different from our thinking)?”
Jihyun Oh preaching

September 10
A Panel on Race and the Church
“How can the church be more effectively involved in addressing racism and white supremacy?”
Jihyun Oh preaching

September 17
The Character of Christian Discipleship
“What does ‘holy’ mean? (vs. righteous)”
“Does not Scripture call us to be bold? How might we learn to take action?”
Jihyun Oh preaching

September 24
The Trinity & Mary
“The Trinity – Why are God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit seen as one?”
“How is Mary the mother of Jesus but not considered the mother of God?”
Jihyun Oh preaching

October 1
Gifts of the Spirit & Christian Witness
“What is the Presbyterian Church stance on the gifts of the Spirit – specifically tongues, prophecy, etc.? Is there a feeling that these are for a future time?”
“How does one witness to an elderly family member who doesn’t want to hear it besides trying to be a good Christian.”
Jihyun Oh preaching

October 8
Church Change & Essential Tenets
“If the church is to survive, obviously, it must change. In order to be faithful, what can we not change? What can we, as faithful Christians, consider changing?”
Jihyun Oh preaching